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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

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Debt Collector – FAQ

How can I make use of your debt collection services?

If you have outstanding debts that are proving difficult to collect, you can call our number at +65 6235 8562, or send us an email at and we will be in touch with you within the day. Alternatively, you can visit our website at and fill out our enquiry form. A member of staff will be in touch with you through your telephone number on the same day to give a response to your enquiry.

How can I tell which recovery services need to be applied?

Without expert opinion, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what you will need from a debt collection agency. However, once you contact us with the facts of your situation, we will carry out our own research and determine how best to assist you. We will then run these options by you so that you can make the final decision before we start acting on your behalf.

What information do you require for debt collection?

The information needed will differ on a case by case basis. In a nutshell, we will require a list of the debtors with full names, contact addresses and copies of all communication with them until the point of contacting us. Should we require anything else in the course of our processes, we will let you know in good time, and our office will stay in touch with you to update you on all progress.

What if the debtor has relocated or can no longer be reached?

Our officers have the resources to carry out what’s called skip tracing, in which we employ the same tactics used to find a missing person to pinpoint possible locations. Skip tracing services have an extra cost; we work in partnership with various agencies and need to pay them for these services.

How much is your debt recovery fee, and who foots it?

We charge debt recovery on commission based on the amount we recover for you. This means that if there is no successful recovery, then we will not get paid. It will not cost you extra to hire our services, and anyone can use our services since we have no fixed retainer charge. This is however with exception for services over and above debt recovery such as skip tracing and other consultancy services.

How soon should I contact a recovery agency?

As soon as possible after the debtor defaults. The longer you stay before contacting us the lower the chances of a full recovery. With debt recovery, the sooner you start the recocery process the better. Usually the best time is within 60 days after the commencement of your credit agreement with the debtor.

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