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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore

Streamline Your Debt Collection Efforts with Singapore’s Best Debt Collection Firm

You should spend your time and resources on growing your business rather than following up on debtors. Leave that tiresome and complex business to the professionals.

Many businesses in Singapore lose a lot of time and money following up on debts. While debt collection is important for cash flow, your business will suffer a great deal because of splitting your attention. You should give your business your full attention while leaving it to us to recover your debts and improve your cash flow.

Work With the Best in the Industry
We are Singapore’s best debt recovery agency, leading in 9 out of 10 league tables for debt collection. We set the trends in the industry and other agencies seek to emulate us.

We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. With our 85% debt recovery rate, you can be sure of recovery of your debt within good time with minimal stress to yourself.

Experience, Skills and Results
We offer you the triple threat when it comes to debt recovery. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years. We have a successful track-record in the collection of debt. Our results are outstanding and many of clients have come back for long-term services.

Our debt collectors are professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years of experience in the industry. They are courteous and professional while carrying out their duties on behalf of our clients. They understand what it takes to recover debt while always complying with the law. We apply the latest and best techniques to recover our clients’ debts.

Our stellar performance comes from a combination of noteworthy experience in legal and professional debt recovery, knowledge on a wide variety of industries and unmatched dedication to the provision of the best client experience for all our customers. We fully satisfy and surpass every requirement laid on the table. has until now enjoyed high industry success rates because of our dedication to the provision of a customized and affordable debt resolution services to every of our esteemed clients. Unlike many other debt recovery agencies, we pride ourselves in maintaining ethical, professional and legal debt collection practices for our clients for all kinds of unresolved debts. Our clients stem from our wide client base which is made up of everyone, from individuals to large organizations.

We have been honoured time and again as market leaders in debt recovery and financial management. The foundation of our success is on our attention to the needs of our customers. We strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This strategy has been successful for the past 10 years and continues to excel today.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • We offer some of the lowest commission rates in Singapore.
  • We have a high recovery rate (85%).
  • We are an accredited and licensed debt recovery service. You can therefore trust us to recover your debt legally.
  • We provide our clients with the services of an in house legal team that is one of the best in the business.
  • Our debt collectors have extensive experience, are fully trained and professional. We will protect your brand and image.
  • We provide all our clients with online reports. You will be up to date with everything that is happening as it takes place. We are proud of this continuous and transparent relationship we have with our clients.

As a debt resolution and credit management firm, we possess the experience, skill and manpower to handle all aspects of the trade, including:

  • Ethical debt collection and resolution
  • Litigation and legal action proceedings
  • Field calls and repossession services
  • Personal as well as corporate insolvency
  • Process serving
  • Commercial litigation
  • Debt factoring
  • Credit management
  • Skip tracing

At, our staunch commitment is for provision of the highest quality of service for our clients. If you are in a debt collection quagmire, feel free to contact any one of our expert team members to begin the recovery process today. Continual debt pile-up can be very detrimental to the operations and eventual profitability of an establishment, since it has a direct effect on the cash flow of the business. Contact us to put an end to it today.

Our techniques have so far proven to have a near-perfect success rate for our clients. We have systems in place to trace even debtors that have since moved to other parts of the country or simply just vanished. Do not think you call it a bad debt until you have gotten in touch with

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