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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore


Debt collection is an important part of running a business. It has an immediate bearing on the profitability and ability to efficiently run operations within the business. However, by its very nature collection is a very unpleasant task for a majority of the owners. They would rather have someone else handle this facet of business.

Without decisive action as regards debt collection and recovery, your business will be at a great disadvantage, from unprofitability risks to cash flow issues resulting in operational stalls. This is particularly true for new and/or small businesses which lack a large capital cushion to turn to in such cases. Such enterprises can stall with just a few unresolved debts, and therefore must have a debt collection mechanism that they can turn to in such cases.

At, the leading debt collection agency in Singapore, we have expert teams on hand to help you track down your debtors and recover amounts owed within the shortest time possible. Here, we fully understand that small businesses are not only the result of passion, hard work and self-sacrifice, but that they are also the backbone of Singapore’s future. They therefore must have all assistance required to ensure their profitability and operational capability.

As debt collectors, our solutions are customizable for small businesses of all kinds, since we collect income based on commission rather than a fixed retainer amount. This makes us affordable for all kinds of clients and all outstanding debt amounts. We can also assist them to implement an effective and affordable account receivable system to avoid many bad debts in the future.

They can then be able to break even and realize maximum profitability in the shortest time. Our solutions can be customized for every business, so that you do not incur unnecessary charges for services that are not applicable to you through fixed packages with other agencies.

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