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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore


Corporate/commercial debt collection and accounts receivable management is a large part of managing big businesses. Most of these businesses deal with clients of similar stature, who do not pay for goods by cash but based on understandings agreed upon beforehand.

At, we have delivered excellent results in the past for clients coming from big businesses seeking to follow up on debts incurred by corporate customers in a wide range of industries and trades. Our success rate exceeds 90% for all types of unresolved debt, and we are the right partners to help your business resolve its outstanding accounts.

For large businesses, chasing unpaid debts and unresolved accounts can make for a huge and annoying distraction, taking away valuable time that could be spent in overseeing and running other aspects of the enterprise. Not only that, unresolved debts can cause a huge dent in the company’s cash flow and liquidity, adversely affecting operational tasks such as stock replenishment and payment of salaries to employees.

With us at your side however, such worries can become a thing of the past, because we will take away all the unpleasant tasks – making phone calls, field visits and even litigation should it become necessary. We have the experience to handle all these aspects; therefore you can simply leave everything to us and be sure to bring back your bottom line to where it should have been in the first place. has the necessary manpower and expertise on its team to manage your business’s commercial and corporate debtors, and through our ethical practices, maintain the valued relationship you have built with those clients. Our methods are legal, professional and above board. They are still also firm and proven to deliver results within the shortest time possible. We assess each creditor in order to determine the best way to handle the account for maximal results. Contact our office today to begin your journey towards a long overdue debt-free company.

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