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The first step to having an effective accounts receivable system is recognizing the clients to whom credit can be extended and knowing those to avoid. Rather than work in faith and end up with a bad debt at some point in the future, avoiding such situations is always better and cheaper in the longer term. As a business, you should have some way to find out to whom you can safely entrust credit facilities. This is something that banks and other financial institutions do; it is not just a measure of caution, it is vital to a business’s self-preservation.

But how will you, as a small business owner, be able to access the credit information of all clients before you allow or disallow them from using credit facilities? Further still, how much credit can you allow any client to have? has been for many years dealing in various aspects of credit control and management. We have at our disposal resources which we can use to vet the creditworthiness of your client before you let them buy products or services on credit.

Through our professional team of staff, we have the reach and networks to access credit information belonging to local as well as international potential customers quickly and efficiently. We are also able to consult on ways to make credit information tools available for your own use within your business, since you cannot always call us every time a customer walks through your door requesting credit; you must have a system you can refer to.

For this purpose, we partner with financial institutions of high repute who are the best custodians of credit information belonging to almost everyone in the country. We will help you to establish procedures, policy documents and frameworks within which to vet prospective clients and determine if and how much credit you can safely extend to them.

In addition to obtaining credit information, can audit your business’s current protocols in terms of service delivery and operations to determine whether you are at industry standards. This will give you the best chance of thriving in the future, by identifying places that fall short and what can be done to remedy that. In the process, we can also implement a real-time solution for your business that will grant you access to the latest credit information for prospective clients, corporate as well as individual, for use during your credit checks.

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