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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore

Corporate Debt Services

Debt Recovery and Receivables Management

If you do not operate your business on a goods-for-cash basis, then having an effective accounts receivables management system will be a fundamental pillar for the success and eventual profit realization for your business. Most large enterprises combine both goods-for-cash and credit extension systems, to clients of similar stature who require large consignments but have fixed payment schedules.

As with any other clients to whom credit has been extended, sometimes such clients may delay repayments and/or slack off completely, leading to the risk of incurrence of a bad debt for your business. This is not only will prevent you from realizing the profits that you need, but it may eventually cause problems with the cash flow and affect the daily operations of the business.

At, we have the experience to handle overdue payments and bad debts of all kinds, with decades of experience in both the consumer and commercial sectors of industry. Debt is a slow killer to any business, and we exist solely to ensure that its claws do not dig into your establishment. Whether they are next door, or on the other side of the world, we will trace all your outstanding monies and see that you are duly remunerated for your products and services. has the resources and expertise to reach almost any nation in the world where your business is conducted through an elaborate overseas partnership network. We provide for all our clients, from individuals with personal debts to large multinational corporations, ethical, discreet and effective debt resolution and credit management solutions with high quality results.

Our range of services at covers all aspect of cash and credit management and consultancy, including:

  • Field visits and calls and collection services
  • Overseas accounts debt collection
  • Consumer and corporate debt collection and management
  • Consultancy in credit management and debt recovery
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Legal consultancy and legal action services

As debt collection experts, our aim is to recover the highest possible return value for every dollar placed within our docket. Through our elaborate and extensive links in all sectors of the economy, as well as an able in-house legal team, we are able to achieve the said goals, and at very affordable rates to our clients.

Our reputation for upholding legal and ethical practices in debt collection and credit management means that your good name will not get mixed up in shady dealings in the quest for debt recovery; we only apply legal and above-board techniques to resolve your outstanding debts. Contact us today for a personalized solution.

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