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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore


As the leading legal and licensed debt collection agency within Singapore, we at have amassed a wealth of experience in debt collection from and for a wide variety of individuals and corporations in various industries and trades. In the course of the debt collection process, it may be deemed necessary for there to be initiated legal action against debtors that aren’t being cooperative, or have failed to honor promises made and contracts signed as regards outstanding amounts.

At, this facet of the debt collection process is not one that causes us to fret, since we have experience in the area of litigation and initiation of legal proceedings. From small claims tribunal hearings to full-on litigation, we have within our ranks a team of expert lawyers and advocates who will take charge of the process on your behalf and see that your interests are properly presented and protected.

In consultation with you as our client, we will file claims against uncooperative debtors, prepare case material, serve summons for court appearances to them and then appear on your behalf to fully present your case before the judge to ensure that you get was is due to you. Legal recourse is usually sought once all other debt recovery methods have proved futile, including phone conversations, letters and field calls to debtors’ premises.

At, we prefer to postpone initiation of legal proceedings against your debtors as much as possible, since we do not want to sever business ties that are so important to the running of your enterprise. We will only do so when all other options have been properly exhausted with no result. Other methods we employ before legal action include negotiation, mediation or arbitration, which makes for a more friendly and relaxed forum within which to reason with your clients in order to determine whether an amicable solution can be arrived at.

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