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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

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While not particularly pleasant in the course of debt recovery, occasionally, a hardy or unresponsive debtor may force you to use legal channels in order to have back the sum of money that was lent to them or to compel them to pay for products and/or services acquired from you. When the debtors concerned are a large corporation, such as schools, colleges, hospitals etc., large scale litigation will be necessary. Their assets can be examined and the courts require them to make good what is owed to you.

With such companies, you need the backing of an able legal team behind you, such as is provided by Such a team will file a case on your behalf, claiming breach of contract and requiring monies owed to be paid to you. After filing, the summons will be served to the party that is in breach. A strategy is then drawn up by your legal team in order to ensure that you have a strong case that will win for you a favorable verdict.

At, we have on-hand an expert in-house legal team to handle all litigation proceedings. If litigation becomes necessary for you in the process of debt recovery, we will discuss with you all available recourses and help you to come to the best decision, and then effectively present your case for you in a court.

Our legal team has experience in handling every aspect of commercial litigation, including but not limited to media and technology, fraud, white-collar criminal activities, constitutional law, bankruptcy and insolvency matters, banking and finance, defamation, intellectual property building and construction jobs as well as telecommunications.

Whichever is the most suitable avenue open to you and those that you approve will be applied by our legal team for you. This is the best and most economical option for you, since our team will already be familiar with the case in question prior to initiation of the legal proceedings and will be able to effectively present your position to a judge.

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