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Their hard-working and persistent techniques ensure a successful outcome for any organization affected by debt.

Michael Lee Financial Group in Singapore

Corporate Debt Services

Process Serving and Field Calling

At, our team performs field calls to the business or home premises of your business’s debtors whenever this becomes necessary during debt recovery. In accordance with the set regulations governing staff conduct during field visits to debtors’ premises, our staff members are usually dressed in formal company attire. Once they get to premises they fully identify themselves and the reason for which the call is being made.

During this initial contact process, they have also been trained to make a subtle surveillance of the debtors’ surrounding in order to make a rough determination of the current financial state of affairs of the debtors, and whether they are in a position to make good the debt owed to our clients or not.

Field calls are the next step in the progression once telephone conversations with the debtor have not borne much fruit by way of debt resolution. Where debtors have failed to respond in a satisfactory manner or have stopped picking up calls from us, field calls are necessary to heighten the pressure on such debtors and let them know that our client is serious about requiring settlement of the overdue amount soonest possible.

Usually, we conduct field calls without prior notice to the debtors in order to avoid a situation where they arrange to have the premises closed at the time of our visit. Using our trained negotiators, we will communicate our client’s position to the debtor in a polite but firm manner, trying as much as possible to have some form of commitment before we leave to take the next step in the process.

Where field calls have not been successful, it may be necessary to launch legal action against the debtors to have the court compel them to settle the outstanding amount. Through our highly trained and professional legal team at, we will file the claim for you and assign process servers to summon them to appear in court and answer the claim lodged against them. These process servers are usually placed under stern instructions to try as much as possible to have the summons get to the defendants in a timely manner.

The summons may be handed over to the debtor in person (or the legal representative in the case of a business being the debtor) or if that fails, to a person deemed to be of sound mind and of age that interacts with the debtor on a regular basis, either at home or at their place of business/work. In the latter case, another copy of the summons must be sent by post to their legal address.

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