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A debtor who is unable to make good on the amount that he owes may opt to skip town in an attempt to escape the responsibility presented by the debt owed. This actually happens on more occasions than not. With such cases, specialists must be brought in to try and determine where the debtor could have gone and how best to reach him. This process is referred to as skip tracing, and is one of the services offered by our expert team at

In cases where you have tried in vain to reach the debtor at all of his/her contact addresses, get in touch with, and we will use our skip tracing resources to attempt to pinpoint possible locations to where such debtors may have gone to. This of course is not to imply that all debtors who are out of reach have deliberately gone missing in order to avoid settling debts, but just in case this is true, we have techniques which we employ to find those who have deliberately ‘fallen off the face of the earth’ so to speak.

For this cause, we usually require that the client (i.e. the creditor) furnish us with the debtors’ full names and any other aliases that they may use as well as all their addresses as they are known to you. With this information, will use the resources at our disposal to map out a possible trail leading to their current location, as well as any assets which they have that may be legally repossessed in lieu of the sum owed.

You know you should explore the option of skip tracing when telephone calls to your debtor go unanswered and/or the lines are disconnected and mail sent to their addresses return unopened. Skip tracing employs various methods to determine possible individual locations, the same that are usually used to try to find missing persons. However, since some of the tools employed are not free, the extent of methods applied may be limited to the budgetary allocation for the search.

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